2020 Feis Update

We are delighted to announce the resumption of the suspended 2020 Feis from the 6th November next for English Speech and Drama solo performances and dramatic duos only.  Emails were sent out at close of business on Wednesday, 15th Sept. to the email address submitted at time of original application.  Please note that some email addresses were work addresses or former eircom.  Please check junk/span folders.

Though COVID restrictions are expected to be removed by October, the mini Feis will be held using the following protocols:

  1. The maximum number at any event (including performers, supporters, adjudicator and staff) will be limited to 50 in our 300 seat auditorium.
  2. Sanitizing stations will be available in the foyer, Green Room, toilets and exit. The venue will be ventilated.
  3. All those who are required to wear face masks, must do so.
  4. Each performer can be accompanied by two supporters only. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any more than that because of social distance requirements.
  5. Performers are asked to arrive up to 10 minutes before starting time to complete check-in and to observe social distance. Performers who require costume, should arrive in costume.  Changing facilities are not available.
  6. Performers will sit with their supporters in assigned seats.
  7. Verse classes will be for up to 15 performers and the session should last no more than 60 minutes.
  8. Drama classes will consist of up to 7 performances and the session should last no more than 90 minutes.
  9. Performers will go directly to the stage from their seat when it is their turn; and return from the stage to their assigned seat after the performance.
  10. In classes of own choice, please bring printed paper copies of script. Do not put into plastic sheets or folders.  Scripts will not be returned.
  11. The usual awards will be made, but will not be physically presented by the Adjudicator.
  12. In Classes with Cups or Trophies, winners can take photos with the Trophy on the stage, but cannot take the Trophy away.
  13. Report forms will be brought directly to you in your assigned seat immediately after the class.
  14. We respectfully ask performers and supporters to leave immediately after the session, so that the Auditorium can be prepared and made ready for the next session.
  15. There will be a one way system in operation, with the rule keep left.
  16. Supporter’s admission fee, €5. Concessions are available.


If you would like to be part of our mini November Feis, then please respond by email to info@feismaitiu.ie including your name, date of birth and some details of the Feis Class you were entered for.

If you would prefer to wait for the 2022 Feis, then we can transfer your entry, again just let us know by email to info@feismaitiu.ie your name, date of birth and some details of the Feis Class you were entered for.

Whichever you decide, please discuss the matter with your Speech and Drama teacher first and respond by the 1st October at the very latest.

Solo Verse-Speakers have a choice of poems.  They can present the original 2020 poem or the corresponding poem for their age in 2021.  Set poems are listed here.

Please note that for now we are not in a position to accept telephone calls, so correspondence with the Feis office must be by email for the present.

We look forward to hearing from you by the 1st October.


Feis Admin Team.