Performance Tips



It is important to arrive in good time for the start of your class so that you can complete check-in procedures.  You will be more relaxed and give a better performance. Class timings are critical to the smooth running of the Feis.  Don’t forget to bring copies of own choice programmes for the adjudicator.  Please comply with the requests of the Feis Staff if you arrive too early.


All performers are to sit in the audience and will be called or directed backstage by the stewards on duty.  Parents, guardians and teachers are welcome to accompany underage solo or duo Performers backstage.  Because of space restrictions one or two designated carers may be present for group performances.


Your performance begins once you walk onto the stage and ends when you return to the wings.  Work to ensure that you have a sense of performance in your approach and own the performing space during your presentation.  Instrumentalists should try to warm up their instruments before going on stage.


All performers are expected to dress appropriately for a public presentation. Costume is permitted but changing facilities are not available at the venue.


While you perform, the adjudicator will prepare a written report on your performance which is intended to be of help in the future. This will be available at the end of the class.  A general verbal Adjudication will also be given.  Remember the Adjudicator is just one member of the audience.  Perform to everyone in the auditorium.


In your performance remember you are working as a team and that the Accompanist is there to support you.  You can arrange a practice session with the Official Accompanist prior to the Feis.  Remember to acknowledge the accompanist at the end of your performance.


Friends and relations are encouraged to come and support you at the Feis.  An admission entrance fee will be charged for non-performers. The presence of a friendly, supportive audience helps to create a more relaxed concert-like atmosphere which will help your performance. Try to perform to the entire audience rather than just to the adjudicator or your personal supporters.  Performers and audience members are required to be respectful to other participants and not move in or out of the Auditorium during performances.  All electronic and communication devices MUST be switched off during the Feis Class and put away.  No recording of any kind can be made during the performance, though you may take photos on the stage during the break – time permiting.