Frequently Asked Questions

The Syllabus is published every September and available from the Feis Office and leading Music Shops in Cork.  The Syllabus can be downloaded from this website.  Vocal and Music pieces are available from local shops.  For poems contact the Feis Office or download from this website.  Entry Forms can be collected from the Feis Office or downloaded and photocopied.

Contact the Feis Office immediately.

Yes. Classes start on time and absentees can shorten the session, so it is always a chance estimating individual performance times.

On the day staff can give an approximation, depending on the number of performers who check-in.  Consult the Calendar on this website for your own particular date to check the expected finishing time for your Class.

Performers should arrive in plenty of time to complete the check-in procedures.  Each performer must register with the box office first and hand over copies of own choice pieces for the Adjudicators’ use.  Do not hand over your own pieces if you require them for your performance. Copies for the Official Accompanist must be given directly to the Accompanist.

Performers may be assisted by their own accompanist in all classes except for Junior Singing.  Most Classes have an Official Accompanist assigned, though classes where the performer must engage their own accompanist are clearly stated in the Syllabus.

Details of assigned Official Accompanists are returned with entry cards.  Final date for contacting the Accompanist is included with this notice and uploaded on this website.  Accompanists are not required to assist if contact is made after this date.  Practice sessions can be arranged with the Accompanist at their individual rates.  It is advisable to contact the Official Accompanist as soon as possible as their diaries fill very quickly prior to the Feis.

Performers may not present the same piece or pieces for more than one Class.

Performance pieces must be within the time limit set for the particular class within the performer’s range and appropriate for the age/experience of the performer.  All own choice pieces must be suitable and appropriate for performance before a mixed audience, which may include young children.

Only copies of own choice programmes are required.  Performers may still participate without copies, but it will somewhat limit the adjudicators report and they may deduct marks.

Photocopies may be presented for use by the adjudicator but they will be retained and destroyed by the Feis after the Class.  Participants and Accompanists must not perform from photocopies.

Original copies will be returned to the performer after the class while photocopies will be retained and destroyed.

Adjudicator reports can be collected up to the end of the Festival.  Remember your Class Number, Performer’s Number and the date/time when the Class was held.

There is no problem regarding lost entry cards, provided that you have been registered with the Feis Office, just arrive on the date and time originally given.  If you did not get your entry card, check if your teacher received it.  If not, contact the Feis Office immediately.  Notice will be given on this website when entry cards have been returned with performance date and time.  General dates are also published well in advance in both the Syllabus and on the website.  Make contact in advance if you have not received notification.

Please notify the Feis Office if you cannot attend on the date you have been given.  If there is another session of that class and an available space then the Feis will accommodate.  However this is not guaranteed and can only be given under exceptional circumstances.  If you can arrange a swap with another performer please confirm it with the Feis Office to finalize the arrangement.  Fees are non-refundable.  Time has been made available in the programme for your performance.

No. Check with the Feis Office first to ensure that there is an available space and you can be accommodated.

Performers may have the Trophy engraved at their own expense but this must be in accordance with the style and completed before the date to return the trophy.

On or before the Closing Date for the next Feis. If Trophies are returned by the Closing Date the Performer can claim a free entry to the next Feis. There are some restrictions on this concession.

Use of any form of audio or visual recording is strictly prohibited due to copyright and the Child Protection Policy of the Feis.  Parents may take photographs of their own children on stage during the break in a Class provided time permits.

There is an Audience admission fee of €5.00 per person. Concessions and Season Tickets are available from the Box Office.

All members of your family are welcome. Please remember that there are other Performers in your session and it is imperative that there is no noise or distraction. Buggies are not permitted in the Auditorium.

All performers and their accompanists are required to dress appropriately for performance before an audience.  School uniforms may be worn but it is not a requirement in solo performances.

Changing facilities are not available at the Father Mathew Hall.  Performers requiring costume should arrive dressed.

Cork city is a disc parking zone varying between one and two hours on the street.  There are high rise parking facilities on the Grand Parade, Parnell Place, Anglesea Street and Paul Street.

Tea, coffee, water and snacks are available for purchase in the Green Room during the break.