At the moment we are in the process of sending out the 2019 Feis Syllabus. With each Syllabus is a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) consent form. If a teacher wishes to remain in contact with Feis Maitiú then this form must be signed and returned to the Feis Office by 28th Sept. 2019. If we do not hear from you then we are LEGALLY BOUND to remove ALL your contact information from our records.
What are the implications of not returning a GDPR consent form?
Your contact details will be permanently removed from our system.
You will not receive any notifications of Feis events.
You will not be listed as a teacher on our online system
You will not be listed as the teacher of your students.
You will not receive the programme pertaining to your own students.
Even if you have students entered for the Feis we will not be able to give you any information whatsoever regarding your students.
We cannot accept any consent forms after the 28th Sept. This is to allow us to bring our online system up to date.
Please attend to this matter today.
Thanks to all those who have already submitted the consent forms. Thanks to those teachers who have asked to be removed.
How can I return a GDPR Consent form?
You can use the form in the Feis Syllabus.
You can download the form below.
You can post it into us.
You can scan and return by email.
You can photograph and send as an image to us.
You can drop it in person to the Fr. Mathew Hall.