Class Description


(a) Performers are reminded to consult Regulations Nos.5, 12, 20 and 21.

(b) Costumes and props. are not allowed in Choral Classes.

(c) Own Choice piece may be a Prose Excerpt.

(d) Movement and gesture must be RESTRICTED and not detract from the form or quality of the speaking.

(e) The verse shape and prose pattern must not be distorted by addition of external words, song or music.

(f) A large percentage of the speaking should be choric.

(g) All Choral Classes are for Choirs of 10 to 50 Voices.

(h) Choirs for Girls, Boys or Mixed groups.

(i) The time limit for both pieces – 10 minutes – including preparation and striking of stage.

(j) The total number of people (students and teachers) attending the Feis Class must be stated on each entry card.

(k) Entrance Fee €45.00 per choir.