ClassAge on 31st December, 2021Year of Birth
19 Years19 Years (and Over or Under)2002 (and Earlier or Later)
18 Years18 Years (and Over or Under)2003 (and Earlier or Later)
17 Years17 Years (and Over or Under)2004 (and Earlier or Later)
16 Years16 Years (and Over or Under)2005 (and Earlier or Later)
15 Years15 Years (and Over or Under)2006 (and Earlier or Later)
14 Years14 Years (and Over or Under)2007 (and Earlier or Later)
13 Years13 Years (and Over or Under)2008 (and Earlier or Later)
12 Years12 Years and Under2009 or later
11 Years11 Years and Under2010 or later
10 Years10 Years and Under2011 or later
9 Years9 Years and Under2012 or later
8 Years8 Years and Under2013 or later
7 Years7 Years and Under2014 or later
6 Years6 Years and Under2015 or later
5 Years5 Years and Under2016 or later