During August and September we sent out emails to all the performers who did not get to take part in the 2020 suspended Feis. If you took part in the mini November Feis or asked for a transfer to 2022 and recieved an acknowledgement from us, then you do not need to do anythnig.
If you have not yet replied and wish for a transfer to the 2022 Feis then please do so NOW with the name of the performer, date of birth and which Feis Classes the transfer applies. We cannot make an automatic transfer without your permission. Please let us know by close of business on Friday, 19th November. Please use the info@feismaitiu.ie email address. We cannot take phone calls on this matter.
Now that we have completed the 2020 Feis we must remove all contact information from our system. If we do not hear by Friday next then we will not have the relevant information to make the transfer.