Please note that there is a new Feis Regulation regarding the timing of Own Choice Performances. This applies to solo, duo, group and Choir performances.

Regulation 12. Own Choice Programmes
d) Time Limits must be strictly adhered to. Performers must state the time of their programme at check-in on the day of the performance. Those playing over time will have marks deducted.

So when you check-in at the Feis and hand over copies of your own choice programme (Music or script) you must tell the staff the total length of time to perform the own choice pieces. This must be within the time-limit as set for that particular class.

In your practice set aside a session so that you can time your pieces and check against the Syllabus that it meets with the time-limit. Most mobile phones have a stop watch so it will not be problematic to check in advance. Do not leave this exercise to a few days before the Feis Class, in case you are over time and have to make adjustments. Prepare well in advance so that this will not be an issue.

Timing is an important discipline in performance.