The provisional schedules for the 2016 Feis are now available.  Click on the 2016 Feis tab at the top of this page and then click on the 2016 Programme.  The various schedules are available in pdf format.

Also available is the list of assigned Official Accompanists for the Music and Vocal Classes.

Please note that these are provisional dates and times and will be confirmed when entry cards are returned in early January.

Feis Maitiu Entry Card.pdf (94.37 KB)
Feis Maitiu Entry Card Directions.pdf (272.66 KB)
Cork Poets Class 213.pdf (197.34 KB)
Solo Verse, 2016.pdf (423.62 KB)
Choral Verse, 2016.pdf (270.50 KB)
Age Chart 2016.pdf (120.43 KB)
Feis Maitiu SYLLABUS 2016.pdf (1.38 MB)
Bhéarslabhairt, 2016.pdf (405.53 KB)